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Attached profile production line


 Attached profile production line
超声探伤仪 乳化机 PCB设计 测厚仪 磷化液 分散机
Product description
The production line is mainly used for steel doors and windows of the single, double glass layering, puzzle, blocks, production and processing of the door. The entire production line in Chinas actual situation on the relevant parts of the transformation on the basis of absorption of the advantages of internationally renowned brands of equipment, so that more in line with Chinas actual situation, thus reducing the investment in customer equipment, reduce production costs. to solve the problem of steel doors and windows for the entire process from production to recycling. However, any of the waste generated in the production process can be recycled for the production of plastic doors and windows.
Main technical parameter
Model SJZ-51/105
Diameter of screw(mm) 51/105
Numbers of screw 2
Screw rotates speed(r/min) 1-30
Power of main motor(kw) 18.5
Heating power of barrel(kw) 18
Production capacity(kg/h) 60-150
Center height of marrel(mm) 1000
Net weight(kg) 3500
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