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Wood plastic production line



Wood plastic production line

    The composite profile is an environmentally friendly products, plastic raw materials, PVC, PP, PE, ABS, etc. and low-cost waste wood, plant fiber (sawdust, rice bran, wheat straw, hard fruit shell, etc.) as the main raw material for extrusion. The superior performance of wood-like look and feel to the product after molding, odorless, does not rot, not bad, easy to clean, and can be processed, it can be sawed, nailed, bonded, and can be bent, no deformation, and a flame retardant, acid, moisture, decay, moisture, cold and other features. Customers according to production needs, the choice of different models and molds.
Widely used in the production of plastic sheet due to the advantages of green and can be repeated recycling:
construction, such as the stair railing, decorative materials, doors, windows, picture frames, furniture, cabinets, bedding floor, building board, etc.;
warehousing, such as boxes, wood-plastic tray;
the automotive industry, door panels, carriage board, etc.;
transport sector, such as fence, wall board, rail sleepers, etc.
agriculture, such as vegetable greenhouses stent ducts.
Pattern of colors can be arbitrarily chosen according to customer needs.

The main parameters

Model SJZ-51/105 SJZ-65/132
Diameter of screw(mm) 51/105 65/132
Numbers of screw 2 2
Screw rotates speed(r/min) 1-30 1-34.7
Power of main motor(kw) 18.5 37
Heating power of barrel(kw) 18 24
Production capacity(kg/h) 60-150 120-300
Center height of marrel(mm) 1000 1000
Net weight(kg) 3500 4000

Note: all images of this sample text parameters are for reference only, subject to change without notice, product samples to implement.

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