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Single-screw extruder

 Single-screw extruder

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1.Applies to all kinds of polyolefin materials. For the use of thermoplastic extrusion of PVC, PE, the PD, PP-R, ABS, etc..
2.Screw specifications 30,45,65,90,100,120,200 various models, and can be equipped with auxiliary granulation or extrusion products.
3.The choice of general type and HMC computer control.
4.The aspect ratio can be based on different materials at the users customization (for 25:1-36:1).
5.The output of the extruder motor power, the screw speed is different according to users needs.
6.The electrical configuration according to the actual user configured, and the price is also different.
 The main technical parameters 
Model SJ30 SJ45 SJ65 SJ90 SJ120 SJ150
Diameter of screw(mm) 30 45 65 90 120 150
L/D 11 25:1(20:1) 25:1(20:1) 25:1(20:1) 25:1(20:1) 25:1(20:1)
Power of main motor(kw) 3-15 4-22 7.5-30 11-60 25-75 30-100
Screw rotates speed(r/min) 10-110 10-110 8-110 7-95 6-80 6-70
Heating power of barrel(kw) 6 8 14 25 40 65
Production capacity(kg/h) 10-30 10-38 30-80 30-200 40-220 60-280
  Note: all images of this sample text parameters are for reference only, subject to change without notice, product samples to implement. 


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