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Plastic extrusion die




Plastic extrusion die


Plastic extrusion mold made ​​of stainless steel specially treated refined, the remaining parts are used in anti-corrosion materials or treated with preservatives, the introduction of foreign advanced technologies based on the structure of a new product developed more practical and reasonable process is more mature, more moldingscience, production of plastic products appearance and quality is perfect.
A plastic profile mold:
1, A variety of door windows, sliding doors, hanging in the window blinds and spring door.
2, plastic pipe molds:
   of φ5-630mm with different specifications, different material pipe, a mode of dual-chamber pipe, a multi-cavity tubes, foam core pipes, posts and telecommunications of porous cable pipe. Plastic electrical trunking, threading pipe, water pipes, drainage pipes.
3, the plastic sheet mold:
   100-1000mm forming a hollow as a whole door.
4, the decorative material molds:
   Hollow printing of all kinds of decorative panels and moldings, single-wall imitation mahogany decorative panels and moldings, foam decorative panels and moldings, free foam sheet, enema card sheet.
5, rubber mold:
   A variety of automotive industry, door and window industry with sealing tape.
   Soft and hard coextrusion mold
   Co-extrusion mold
   Steel-plastic co-extrusion die
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